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What is the Furrin Group?
  • The Furrin Group sponsors several Road Rallies from March through December. These include gimmick rallies for the beginner, and more challenging mind-bending gimmick rallies for the experienced. We also sponsor TSD (time/speed/distance) rallies for the novice and pro.
    The Furrin Group sponsors Speed and Ice Events from parking lot racing to ice racing events. These events carry a long tradition of very tough competition among drivers from all over the state.
  • We publish a monthly newsletter called "The Hero Drivers Journal" to keep Furrin Group members posted of Furrin Group activities, and events sponsored by other area clubs. It is also a means for members to express their thoughts and ideas. 
  • Overall the Furrin Group is a collection of people who enjoy getting together for a good time with their vehicles... people from all walks of life, and all ages from 18 to 80. And you don't have to own a "furrin" car to join. The club was formed many years ago when foreign cars were thought by some to be the nimblest, best handling, and generally most fun cars around. The type of car or truck you own and compete with doesn't matter. It's your interest and enthusiasm that count.
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