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Welcome to the Furrin Group web site.

We at the Furrin Group are a collection of people who enjoy getting together for a good time with their vehicles... people from all walks of life, and all ages from 18 to 80. And you don't have to own a "furrin" car to join. The club was formed many years ago when foreign cars were thought by some to be the nimblest, best handling, and generally most fun cars around. The type of car or truck you own and compete with doesn't matter. It's your interest and enthusiasm that count.

News and Announcements
2018 Schedule of Events

Watch the Furrin Group Calendar of Events page for all automotive related events (autocross, rally, social, etc) in the Michigan area.  


Click the link for the yearly calendar!--->>>  Calendar of Events 2018

Furrin Group Board Positions

It's the time of year that the Furrin Group nominates members for the 2019 Board.   The following positions need to be filled:

President:  Resides over all meetings.  Requests a verbal report from all board members.

Vice President:  Resides over meetings when President is absent.  Purchases end of year award for Member of the Year (not with their own money, of course).

Secretary:  Takes minutes at all meetings.  Can use paper or electronic media.

Treasurer:  Keeps track of the bank account.  Must know how to write checks and balance a check book.  Less than 10 transactions a month.

Membership:  Keep a membership list of all current members.  File is already formatted in Excel.

Member at Large:  A person the members call if they have a club concern.  M@L then brings the issue to the board anonomously.  Haven't had an issue for as long as I can remember.


Other positions on the board that do not need to be nominated:

Speed and Ice committee:  Assist with the Speed and Ice Performance events.  Includes Rallycross.

Rally committee:  Find chairpeople to put on a club rally. 

Journal Editor/Mailing:  Create a newsletter on a regular interval.  Newsletter is posted online on this website.  A few need to be mailed (maybe Staples can print/mail?)

Social Chairperson:  Chair social club events, such as parties.

Webmaster/Social Media:  Maintain website and Facebook group

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Furrin Group Web page

Welcome to the Furrin Group Web page.   Check out the forum, events calendar, pictures, and many other features.  

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