February Hero Driver’s Journal

Hero Driver's Journal | Furrin GroupHere’s a fantastic sumbission from John Atsma. We truly appreciate a fully written article like this, but any content is more than welcome! Here’s what John has to say:

”A new project in the Atsma garage.

Howard and John Atsma have been chasing a Lotus Europa for about 3 years and finally caught it.  This is a 1971 Type 65 Lotus (Europa) that has been in the corner of a garage in SW Grand Rapids for 40 years.  The Lotus is in decent shape with 38k on the odometer.

We have started her and confirmed that she will run without smoking and making bad noises.  Brakes are original and we have replaced all calipers, wheel cylinders, pads, and shoes.  Next is getting into the clutch and transaxle system and get that freed up.

Of course, most folks that know us wonder why guys that are 6’4″ tall would buy a car that is 42″ high.  We are not sure why but we wanted it anyway.  The Europa is one of those love it or hate it cars…

Colin Chapman, Lotus creator, is one of my favorite car guys and his philosophy of reducing weight and improving suspensions is appreciated by me.

If anyone would like to see what we are doing just give me a call and drop on by.

John Atsma”