Furrin Group: West Michigan Sportscar Club

What a year 2024 will be!!


2023 was a great year for Furrin Group.  2024 has the chance to be a greater year!   We are starting the year with a social event at GR Grand Prix on the 20th.  We are working on the autocross events in Northern Michigan (plus a possible new venue!) and West Michigan for our regular venues.  We are planning on having a rally or two and there is talk to bring back a Gimmick Rally.   We will continue to work with WMR SCCA for their Grattan events and other clubs as requested.  

We are working on a special party since this is the clubs 70th year!!   We have moved our summer picnic to July and will also be looking at another spring dust-off event.   We are also looking at a special shirt for our 70th year.  Draft pictures can be found in the January 2024 Hero Drivers Journal.  We now have merchandise for sale at most of our events; hoodies, jackets, and hats.  We will eventually have a regular FG Tshirt that will also be part of our regular merchandise.  

Don’t forget to renew your membership or consider becoming a new member.  We are a great group to come out and play with!  Look for the “Become A Member” link at the top of this page.

 Stay tuned on our Facebook page for new events and meetings.   See you at an event!