What is Autocross?

Autocross is a timed event that pits a driver’s skill and a car’s handling ability against the clock.

A course is laid out using cones and the goal is to travel from the starting line to the finish in the lowest amount of time. A time penalty is incurred when cones are hit, so precision and control are essential. 

Autocross is one of the cheapest, safest and easiest motorsports to participate in. Fees are low, and no special safety gear (such as roll bars, fire suits, etc.) is required except a helmet. You don’t need a “race car” to participate. Almost any production car is welcome, from showroom stock to heavily modified. Cars only compete against other, similar cars depending on its original performance and modifications. Cars are never near each other on the course and the speeds are relatively low.

What you need to autocross?

Driver’s License:

You will need a current driver’s license to enter a Furrin Group event. Bring it with you to show the people working registration and you’re good to go. 

Helpful Tip: If you are under 18, you will need both your parents to sign a minor waiver for you.

Vehicle in good working order:

Although autocrossing doesn’t require the same safety gear that you might see in race cars, you will need to make sure that your car is in good shape with no loose/worn suspension parts, battery is securely held in place, tires have no cord or metal showing, brakes and seatbelts are in good shape, and no big fluid leaks. 

Helpful Tip: When you get to an event, the tech inspector will make sure your car is ready to go.


You will need a helmet when you’re driving on course, but no worries, Furrin Group has free loaner helmets available on site. If you bring your own, it has to meet certain safety standards – more than just “DOT-Approved.” The most common certifications are Snell “M” and “SA” and need to have the number 2005 or higher after the letters. ECE R22.05 certified helmets are also allowed and are common at motorcycle shops. 

Helpful Tip: A tech inspector will let you know if the helmet you brought is acceptable.