Furrin Group General Meeting, April 16, 2019

The April meeting was held at the GrandVilla restaurant in Grandville at 7:31PM and opened by President Eric Duram. Last month’s minutes were approved.

Treasurer Matt Huizing reports we spent a lot of money.

Resident Agent Bob Shedd had no report.

Secretary Debbie Hansen had no report.

Member at Large Dan Moody had no report.

Past President Nic Boris was not present.

Speed and Ice Andy Nienhuis reported buying helmets and cones. We need to get our fire extinguishers recertified. We also bought more totes for storage. The FB events for My Auto and MCC autocrosses have been created. Sam Rogers has the upgrades for our timing equipment after some shipping issues. The bill came under our budget of $1500, and we will be good for maybe the next 15 years. Andy N is still looking for good autocross parking lots for the end of July or August. If you can provide an event location, you will receive FREE autocross every time at that event!

Social chair Mary Savage reminded us of the yearly picnic in July at Johnson Park in Grandville, and ice cream and treats will be provided. Checking into sites for the 65th anniversary party, the GR Museum might prove to gave parking issues. The Downtown Market or Wabasis Lake Park might work and have a pavilion and parking. Keith Gill has Super 8 tapes available of FG ice racing events. We will look into preserving them.

Jake Wierengo for Membership was not present.

Rally chair Jeff Boris reports nothing new.

Old Business: Pete Hansen is looking for a few more corner workers for the VSCDA Spring Break event at GingerMan in the first weekend of May, especially for Friday the 3rd.

New Business: None.

Announcements: Andy N said Keith Gill is looking for advice on buying a Subaru WRX. Nic B’s name was suggested. Nic and Jeff B will run the Detroit SCCA Twilight Tour Rally, and Jeff will also run the Pittsburg SCCA Rally. John Atsma’s LeMons car is now running and they hope to make the LeMons Race in June.

Adjournment: 7:59 PM

Debbie Hansen