The General meeting was held at the Grandvilla and started at 7:32.   President Eric Duram opened the meeting. The July minutes were posted on line and the motion to accept them was approved.

Vice President Sam Rogers had no report.

Treasurer Matt Huizing passed out a printed financial report.  The Summer Party is paid for. Other bills were paid and deposits were made.  We are solvent and have more money than last month. His report was approved.

Sam Rogers reported for speed.  We have an autocross on September 14 at My Auto Import in Muskegon.  WMR of the SCCA has one scheduled at Grattan on Labor Day and one on October 26 with our equipment.

Rally chair Nic Boris cancelled the August 10 TSD Rally for lack of cars and workers.  He will have the rally for next spring. A fall color tour is planned.

Membership chair John Atsma did receive the files from Jake Wierengo.

Member at large Dan Moody had no report.

Resident Agent Bob Shedd filed our yearly forms with the State of Michigan.

Past president Nic Boris had no report.

For Social, Mary Savage reported the Summer Party went well.  We are looking for someone to chair the Christmas party to be held perhaps at the GR Auto Gallery again.  We’ll discuss it at the FG board meeting in September.

Old Business: we have had no further talk or update from the injured party at the MKG autocross.  Bob S thanked al who worked at the VSCDA August event at Grattan. The injured driver had surgery and is doing well.  Another driver had a bad accident on the way to the event and we had an alert! / emergency call each day of the weekend.  All involved are doing well. He received many good comments on the workers from the drivers and many kudos on the fun race weekend.  The SCCA August event at Grattan went well also.

New Business:  None

Announcements:  Gavin Rogers will get more information on an FG proposed partnership with Auto Modified.  They are interested in putting on a short drag race event. Our video conversion will be ready at Marks Photo on September 6.  We will display them at the Christmas Party.

Adjournment:  8:00PM