Furrin Group Meeting Minutes
Date: 18 Aug 2020
Location: Online 

Call to order 19:47 

❏ Previous meeting minutes 

Previous meeting minutes were approved to be published as written, unanimously. 

❏ Reports (Elected) 

❏ President (Sam Rogers) – No report. 

❏ Vice President (Dan Moody) – No report. 

❏ Secretary (Vacant) – No secretary, Sam Rogers as acting secretary. 

❏ Treasurer (Matt Huising) 

Not much changed, some expenses for the picnic and two months of Zoom membership. Report approved to be published as written, unanimously. Had one request to refund karting registration. 

❏ Past President (Eric Duram) – Not present. 

❏ Membership (Andy Nienhuis) 

Not present, sent an email. Some new memberships (76 total members including family memberships). Lack of AutoX events has caused many people to not renew this year. 

❏ Member at Large (Nic Boris) – No report. 

❏ Reports (Appointed) 

❏ Social Chair (Mary Savage) – Not present. 

❏ Social Media Chair (Dustin Moody) – No report. 

❏ Resident Agent (Bob Shedd) – Not present. 

❏ Speed Chair (Andy Nienhuis) 

Checked US131 availability = None in September, but numerous Sunday’s in Oct are open. Looking for any suggestions on which date or dates work best? However, SBR SCCA has an event on Oct 18, and WMR SCCA has one on Oct 25, so that only really leaves Oct 11. And then maybe get one also on Nov 1. Should I look into BOTH of those dates? Besides that, I really haven’t had much luck even getting in touch with anyone. Haven’t heard anything back from GVSU or Al @ MCC, so I’m assuming those are NOT going to happen this year. 

❏ Rally Chair (Nic Boris) 

Looking at doing another road rally in October or November (or possibly a color tour). 

❏ Special Committee(s) – None at this time. 

❏ Old Business 

● Grand Rapids Grand Prix/Ron Savage Memorial Karting Event – Nic called today and spoke with Christine (booking/events coordinator) to see what their current policies are. They are limiting it to only 10 people for an event right now but our deposit is still good if we want to postpone until restrictions are loosened.
● The Grand Villa restaurant is limiting their banquet area to no more than 10 people at a table right now. Sam forgot to ask about using their internet for Zoom meetings from the banquet room but will follow up on that. He will also see about sending out a survey to see what the interest is from the membership about returning to the restaurant while we’re still under Phase 4 or 5 of the restart plan. 

❏ New Business ● No new business. 

❏ Announcements 

● West Michigan chapter of the PCA is hosting an AutoX on the 22nd at Kentwood Community Church. It may be an opportunity for a new venue for us. 

❏ Motion to adjourn 

Motion to adjourn was seconded and approved unanimously. 

Adjourned 20:08