Furrin Group February 2020 General Meeting

President called meeting to order at 7:35pm.  Motion to approve last month’s minutes seconded and passed.

Vice President:  No report.

Secretary:  No report. Club is still looking for a new secretary.

Treasurer: Motion made to approve report and seconded; passed.

Past President:  No report.

Membership: Memberships are still trickling in.  As of this afternoon, there are 20 memberships + 8 family members for 2020 that have renewed their membership online.  If anyone has done it in person @ the last meeting or this one, I have yet to receive and/or add them to the list. **REMINDER, that renewal is only possible until March 31, after which, you will have to pay full price**  Also, if you want to renew in person, you need to fill out a form. Thanks

Member at Large:  No report.

Social: Mary came with grandkids.  Johnson Park reserved for summer party July 21.  The club will sponsor an ice cream truck for the event.

Resident Agent:  No report.

Speed:  We have our first Autocross event date confirmed for May 16th @ MCC.  This will be our 3rd year there. I will be requesting September 27th and 28th for our event @ GVSU, and August 15 or 22 for MAIC.  There are possibilities for more events, but nothing in the works as of now. When dates are confirmed, they will be posted on the Furrin website Calendar.  Registration will be put up on MyAutoEvents.com approximately 1 month before the event. I am also looking for “event chair people” similar to what I had last year.  The following are the positions I’m looking for: Worker, Registration, Tech, Timing, Grid, and Course Designer.

Rally: TSD rally “The Lally Rally” April 4 beginning at Larkins Restaurant in Lowell MI (25 minutes east of Grand Rapids).  Approximately 75 miles, no traps. Tulip Inst.

Volunteer needed to pre-run course and do course open.  Running with App scoring Richta GPS Checkpoint scoreboard (current).  Fees: 15.00 for members, 20.00 for non-members.

Fall color tour is in the works waiting for the leaves to arrive and change color

Gimmick rally is possible the committee needs a rally master and suggestions for routes.

Old Business:  Go karting needs more people to pay to meet minimum requirement for down payment. Motion made and passed for club to subsidize 1200.00 toward event. Continue advertising for event.

VSCDA Spring Brake vintage races will be May 1-3 at GingerMan Raceway in South Haven MI. Pete Hanson will be sending out event notifications looking for workers to do various track jobs.  If you would like to be involved contact Pete Hanson and he will give you the details. You will get the“Best Seat in the House” with free lunch and track touring during lunch on Sat and Sun. Dinner on Fri and Sat last year it was catered by Que IT Up Catering with beer (good craft beer).

New Business:  No report.

Announcements:   Dave Baldwin has racked up 600,000mi on his VW TDI

March 2:   registration opens @ Shape Corp. in Grand Haven. Street survival offered by Doug Herbert’s Brakes April 18-19. 16-20 year olds cost is $100.00 per person with instructor.  putonthebrakes.org for more information

May 3:  BMW club intro to autocross at the Tire Rack.

Nic Boris’ kids selling fresh apple and cherry pies for school.  Nic can take orders via Facebook messenger.

Sno Drift Pro Rally:  Lots of Furrin Group volunteers there were 11 people in the rented communal home. The weather turned out to be very warm for a January rally the roads took beating.  There were a few spin-offs on the first stages. Furrin Groupers will be getting the same accommodations for next year.

Look for Sno -Drift 2020 bonfire alley videos on You Tube to see the shenanigans! The Detroit pipefitter’s party sled has been motorized this year it has been a must see at the events for the past few years. Videos are also on you tube check out the modern marvel!

Motion to adjourn proposed then seconded and passed meeting adjourned at 8:17pm.