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    Hey FGers! Feel free to have a look around the new website and comment with anything you would like to see added.

    Austin Dordon

    Looks good! Only thing I noticed is that all the event results are private so I cant view them

    Jacob Wierengo

    Austin, it appears that issue has been resolved. The website is very new and as such will be continually improved as time progresses. We appreciate your input very much!

    David Butler

    Looks great. I’m glad we have an updated website again (Doubly important now that people are leaving Facebook, and younger people aren’t joining it in the first place. So we probably shouldn’t rely on a Furrin Facebook account for primary communication anymore). Looking forward to seeing it grow. It’s also really nice to have a threaded forum. Hopefully that sees some real activity.

    Do you think we will eventually see historic Autocross results, pics, etc. moved here?

    David Butler

    I’m back like a bad penny.

    Any chance you could update this so that it shows the member name or a custom forum name, rather than our actual names? Or, alternatively, allow us to edit our “real” name so it isn’t actually our real name?

    It would also be great to be able to edit posts, for those of us who tend to make a lot of typos and then notice them later.

    James Rose

    Any way to have a “list” view of upcoming events instead of a month-by-month view?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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