Furrin Group January 2020 General Meeting Minutes

Called to order at 7:30 pm by Pres. Sam Rogers

Previous meeting minutes:  motion made to accept the minutes was seconded vote passed to approve the minutes as published

Treasurer report: balance $11,518.78 motion made and seconded to accept the report as given vote passed

Membership Chairman: Prefer to have current members and new members renew online to aid in developing an accurate membership list. Members will have to pay the PayPal fees associated with the signing up.

Media / HDJ: Dustin Moody has volunteered to take over the duties required for social media and communications.

Rally Committee: Sat Apr 4 at 1 pm – 5 pm a TSD rally about 75 miles long Starting and ending in Lowell MI. The rally will be using the Richta GPS checkpoint app all of the scoring will come through the app with no open controls.

Speed & Ice Committee:  Ice racing is very doubtful for 2020. Working on an autox schedule for 2020 should have the usual events but we are looking for leads on new venues. If anyone has a tip to a new location that becomes a new event you will receive free entry to that event for the life of the event. MCC is tentative for May, GVSU around July 4, MyAuto in September, US131 Oct or Nov. 2 transmitters need repair manufacturer quoted $200 to diagnose the units. Jeff Boris volunteered to evaluate them.

Social Committee: The annual Summer Party will be the third Tuesday in July at Johnson Park in Walker MI. The club will have the Ice cream truck on site and cookout of Butcher Shop meats. Bring stories to swap and tales to tell.

Member at Large: No report.

Past President: No report.

Resident agent: No report.

Old Business: The club needs a secretary to take the meeting reports the requirements are minimal note taking and typing skills. The bar is set quite low with our interim secretary. The speed equipment trailer maintenance needs will be brought forward after inspection to get actual cost.

New Business: Go karting social event at the Grand Rapids Grand Prix is being looked at for March @ $75.00 per person includes pizza and pop. Dustin Moody will do a Facebook poll to gauge interest.

*HOT OFF THE PRESSES!!** Event Scheduled*
**March 22 2020 Graham Porter Memorial Karting Event at the Grand Rapids Grand Prix 1-4pm**

Announcements: Sno-Drift Rally this weekend with support from a few good Furrin Group members

Jimmy Brandt is going to be co-driving in the “silly seat” with a newbie driver piloting the effort. That makes a team with the oldest and youngest competitors in the same car.

SCCA is looking for someone to take over wrecker duties at the road race events. You will receive training from the current and long time official. Contact Bruce Beauvais for more details.

VSCDA May Vintage road race and driver’s school event at GingerMan Raceway May 1-3 needs workers food and beer provided after the day’s vintage racing. Best seat in the house!

Charity event looking donations for an auction Furrin Group will be donating two event passes for the auction.

Scott Buete (new member) is looking for people to help build rally-cross events in the West Michigan area. There is a new program starting in Northern Indiana in addition to the SCCA events in the Detroit region.

Dan Moody is the new SCCA Autox director in addition to his role with the Furrin Group.

Team Boris ran the Son of Sno-Drift TSD rally and finished 3rd overall with 55 points.

Motion to adjourn called and passed at 8:15pm.