General Furrin Group Meeting Minutes
Date: 16 June 2020
Location: Online Call to order 19:41

Previous meeting minutes Previous meeting minutes were approved to be published as written unanimously.

Reports (Elected)
President (Sam Rogers) No report
Vice President (Dan Moody) No report.
Secretary (No secretary)
Treasurer (Matt Huising) Not present.
Past President (Eric Duram) Not present.
Membership (Andy Nienhuis) No change from last month.
Member at Large (Nic Boris) Reviewed concerns brought to Nic back in Mar/Apr timeframe: the event results have been posted to the website by Andy, lackluster membership numbers are most likely a byproduct of the current pandemic.

Reports (Appointed)
Social Chair (Mary Savidge) Not present. Emailed before the board meeting to say that Johnson Park is still a go for the July general meeting/Summer Picnic, assuming that state guidelines allow the gathering. Pavilions in Kent Co have opened.
Social Media Chair (Dustin Moody) Membership emails updated with data since last month. The registration page doesn’t have fields for second/family member on a family membership, needs to be addressed.
Resident Agent (Bob Shedd) No report.
Speed Chair (Andy Nienhuis) Trailer serviced last week, needed some new bearings and purchased a spare tire. Should be good to go for another 5 years. Paid $375 for the service, already reimbursed by the treasurer. GVSU is closed until July 20, no response to the request to host on Aug 8-9. Reached out to My Auto for September 19, no reply yet. Contacted Al at MCC, no response yet. US131 MSP is booked solid until at least September, there may be an opening after that. Andy will reach out to America’s Auto Auction (in Moline) that we used to have events with to see if they are open to hosting us again. ❏ Rally Chair (Nic Boris) Planning a rally on 25 July, start/end at Fallsburg Park near Lowell. Still going to use the GPS-based checkpoints to reduce/eliminate direct contact or social distancing requirements. Nic wants to start around noon and finish in the evening, there’s some flexibility for when the event will be active. Andy saw that our insurance carrier (K&K) is listed for the SCCA waiver e-signature program, he will look into details.

Special Committee(s) No special committees.
Old Business No old business.
New Business No new business.

Announcements Andy Nienhuis has listed his R32 with Grand Rapids Auto Gallery if anyone is looking for one. Nic just got a copy of Press on Regardless, a history of the road rally.
Motion to adjourn Moved to adjourn, approved unanimously. Adjourned: 20:08