Furrin Group Meeting Minutes
Date: 19 May 2020
Location: Online

Call to order 19:39

Previous meeting minutes

No meeting last month, Motion to approve March’s minutes as written was carried.

Reports (Elected)


Sam Rogers: Present. Recording meeting minutes  because there is no elected secretary.

Vice President – Dan Moody: No report.

Secretary – No secretary.

Treasurer – Matt Huizing: Motion to approve report as written was carried.

Past President – Not present.


Andrew Nienhuis: Membership data is up to date, 53 total memberships, 72 members (including family members). 

Member at Large – Nic Boris: No report.

Reports (Appointed)

Social Chair

Mary Savige: Not present. Email from last week’s board meeting said that we still have our reservation at Johnson Park for July.

Social Media Chair – Dustin Moody: No report.

Resident Agent – Bob Shedd: No report.

Speed Chair

Andy Nienhuis: Still trying to schedule stuff for this summer, MCC has been postponed until later this summer/fall depending on state and MCC restrictions. GVSU has not responded to inquiries yet, targeting the weekend before or after the 4th. My Auto is still tentative for early September. The equipment trailer is still at his house, has not scheduled service for it yet. The issue of sharing/loaning helmets was brought up, Dan Moody will look into what the SCCA is doing for their events. Still working on the rally and ice event results, should have those posted online soon.

Rally Chair

Lally Rally (April) was cancelled, we may be able to run it on 25 July since the SCCA cancelled their scheduled Rally for that day. There is an app that uses GPS to record your route, no need for workers or an award ceremony. Jeff has an FM transmitter that can be used for the driver’s meeting (with participants in their cars). A park may be an alternative gathering location that would allow adequate social distancing but isn’t necessarily needed because the app allows “flying starts” at any point during the day. Insurance coverage is usually done for two days. The fall color tour is something we want to do again this fall, restrictions allowing.