October Meeting Minutes

Furrin Group Meeting Minutes
Date: 20 Oct 2020
Location: The Hansen Residence

Call to order: 19:38
Previous meeting minutes

Previous month’s meeting minutes were not mailed out, will mail out with this month’s.

Reports (Elected)

President – Sam Rogers – No report.
Vice President – Dan Moody – No report.
Secretary – Vacant – No secretary, Sam Rogers taking meeting minutes.
Treasurer – Matt Huizing
Spent $60 with Communicate Your Joy for website calendar upgrade, $2.66 in interest earned.
Past President – Eric Duram – Not present.
Membership – Andy Nienhuis

56 memberships, 76 total members including family memberships. Next year’s dues will be
accepted starting 1 Dec 2020. Sam had a question about being able to sign up for the
newsletter without being a member, Dustin had put an announcement on the FB page to email
furrin@gmail.com to be added.

Andy got in touch with the previous membership chair and retrieved the club membership cards
that we had printed up a year or two ago–he will begin issuing them to members next year.

Member at Large – Nic Boris – No report.

Reports (Appointed)

Social Chair – Mary Savage

Not present. Sam (finally!) got in touch with the Grand Villa about the banquet room and internet
access: they’re limited to no more than 10 people at a table right now, the small room has 2
tables, the large room has 3; we still have our deposit with them ($250); new hours are 12-8,
Tues-Sat so we will have to adjust the normal meeting time; the restaurant has free wifi.

Someone had a question about the holiday party at GRAG again this year, Sam will contact Eric
about contacting them.

Bob Shedd made a motion that the club should resume in-person meetings at the Grand Villa
restaurant starting in November, until such time as the authorities deem it unsafe. Seconded by
Bruce B., a vote of 12 ayes to 1 nay. Motion was approved.

Social Media Chair – Dustin Moody

Dustin sent out a survey to the email list to gauge interest in attending indoor, in-person
meetings vs online meetings. Of those who responded (34 people) about half were OK with
outdoor in-person, a little less were interested in indoor in-person and fewer still were interested
in indoor, in-person, with food being served. Some feedback was received as well that the board
will take into consideration.

Resident Agent – Bob Shedd

Paperwork with the State was filed in August and a reimbursement request was sent to the
treasurer. A question was asked about the duration of our incorporation charter, Bob wasn’t
sure and would have to look into it.

Speed Chair – Andy Nienhuis

We have an event scheduled! Autocross at US-131 Motorsports Park on 1 Nov 2020.
Registration will open the week prior, the event will be weather contingent, entry will be capped
at 80 drivers.

WMR SCCA will be borrowing the timing equipment this weekend for their second Grattan
AutoX event.

West Michigan PCA approached Curt R. about helping to organize/run their AutoX event next
year in Kentwood.

Rally Chair – Nic Boris

Not present, no report. Jeff said that it’s too late in the season for a color tour but there may be
a winter/snow TSD rally based on the Lally Rally course we ran this summer.

Special Committee(s) – None at this time.

Old Business

The Karting event is still scheduled for 20 March 2020. Our deposit is still good and all requested
refunds from the original date have been issued.

New Business

It’s time to elect our board again! Current nominations are as follows
● President: Dan Moody volunteered.
● Vice President: Eric Duram (not present) was nominated.
● Past President: Sam Rogers volunteered.
● Treasurer: Matt Huising volunteered.
● Membership: Andy Nienhuis volunteered.
● Member at Large: no volunteers but Dave Baldwin emailed to say he was interested in serving
on the board, tentatively nominated.
● Secretary: no volunteers, no nominations.
Voting will be initiated if any positions have more than one nominee/volunteer.


VSCDA Spring Brake is only 7 months away!

WMR SCCA’s second Grattan AutoX is this weekend (25 Oct). Registration closes at midnight on 21

Jeff Boris and Megan Burkhardt are going to USRRC at Detroit this year. Best of luck to them!
Pete and Deb Hansen went to the SCCA Runoffs at Road America for 6 days and had a great time!

Motion to adjourn

A motion to adjourn was made and seconded, approved by a vote of 12 ayes to 1 nay.
Adjourned: 20:34